Shop Tour

Shop Tour (click photo to enlarge)

CorDal is no longer housed in a 14’ x 22’ garage which doubled as storage for yard tools. These are photos of that shop. In addition to a good assortment of hand tools both manual and power, we have a table saw, band saw, scroll saw, drill press, lathe and combination jointer/planer. Although small it functioned very well for all types of woodworking as witnessed by our ability to build a 16.5’ kayak in it.

Below is the new shop! Now a 2 car garage which we share, however, we have a bit more space and a few new tools. We have added a benchtop band sander, mitre saw, recip saw, pin nailer and electric hand planer as well as some improved hand tools. We also have a better heating system, improved dust collection and are now attached to the house so we no longer have to trek through the rain or snow to get to work!